Interior Designers can make all the difference in your home. They see your space in ways you might never consider. Here are a few tips your Designer considers in decorating with fine rugs.

Visual groups.

Visual echoes, as this living roomshows, is an effective way to match a series of patterns. The framed pictures froma blue tie-into the busy Oriental. Even the pillows reflect this cool pattern matching.

Clash class.

There’s no pink in the rug, but no matter. It’s a class combination. The key is not to include too many mismatched patterns — if you over do it, you’ll create chaos rather than confidence.

Diluting neutrals.

Two different and adjacent Oriental rugs and a global-print blanket tossed over the headboard are separated by generous swaths of white wall paint and hardwood flooring to keep them from overwhelming each other.

Going monochromatic.

The walls, sofas, drapes, pillows and flooring in this space all have a similar orange cast that allows the rug to take center stage. Although there’s a hint of pattern in the curtains, it remains in the background.

Combine classics.

Timeless patterns — plaids, animal motifs, even paisley — mingle in this clubby sitting area, underpinned by this lovely authentic Oriental. Like a fine woman’s suit mixed with a pair of ‘stop-me’ pumps, classic motifs and flashier pieces can work well together.

Repeat colors.

The rich reds and blues in this Oriental rug are carried through in the navy blue sofa and red Chinese-style chest. Despite the other patterns thrown into the mix, the overall effect remains unified.

Size matters.

The medium-scale pattern on the rug contrasts with a much smaller one on the chair upholstery and a larger one on the draperies. Varying the scale provides a flowing energy that brings the room to life and ensures that its patterns don’t compete.

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